PC Health Check : How to Improve PC Health Faster

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PC health check windows 10

PC health check is somewhat typical job for many computer repair experts. Keeping your personal computer health and safety is depends on how to maintain computers with or without any technical knowledge about computer maintenance knowledge. Learn “how to check personal computer health” and “how to make your PC faster” in this latest technology updates tutorial article. Continue your reading on Tech Knol latest technology updates article on trendy technology news.

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PC health check windows 10

PC health monitor : Make your computer 10X faster

PC health test

People always love operating a computer no matter what the task might be. But, when the system stops running smoothly they get irritated and bang their fists on the desk. So, here are some tips that would help you maintain the system. Well, we don’t promise that these tips would help you get rid of problems. But, it would at least aid to prevent them in the long run.

Back up data

You would always be on the safer side when you back up data. Never neglect doing the task or else you have to face consequences when emergencies and disasters strike. You can burn most important files on CDs. As an alternative, you can purchase a portable external hard drive if a pen drive is not suitable. If you are thinking about an economical option, then you can store files over the cloud. If it’s possible, then you can store everything in the form of a disk image. Just in case the computer crashes, you would find the best and smartest way of reloading every single thing once again.

Run the antivirus software regularly

When you use the computer to surf the internet, the system is prone to malicious attacks. So, when you are not occupied with anything, you should run the antivirus software time to time. It’s not necessary for a daily scan, but a system scan is actually required once in a month. Some applications help to protect the machine against spyware and adware. But in case the software doesn’t, then you have to reconsider some other option.

Delete unnecessary software

After a few months, you should always go to the ‘Control Panel’ and skim through the list of apps. Consider removing the program in case if you are not using the software anymore. The case also applies to extensions, toolbars, and games. But, when you’re performing the task, think twice and always be careful. You shouldn’t delete drivers that may cause the hardware to stop functioning. Besides, you can take the advantage of a scanning utility that offers you a graphical representation of data on the hard disk. This would give you a fair idea of how many bytes have been occupied by different applications.

Update everything

Apart from checking for software updates, you should make it a point to update drivers as well. If you aren’t aware of the place from which files can be downloaded, then you should visit official websites and search for the product’s name under the download section. Consult IT professionals if you wish to flash the BIOS. If the updates would help you resolve problems, then it’s worth. But, leave everything as it is in case you are not well versed in troubleshooting issues.

Use a defragmenting tool

After you have cleaned the hard drive, it’s better to defragment the disk. This would not only improve system performance but also organize files in a better manner. Besides, you can always expect faster disk access time. For a PC running on Windows, follow the path ‘Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools >> Disk Defragmenter’. Alternatively, you can go through websites to check out the list of open source defragmenting software.

Use a cleaning tool

Applications are not the only things that eat away space. Temporary files, cookies, and web browsing remnants also come into the picture. Moreover, you should also count in clipboard data as well as cache. So, to speed up the performance, run a cleaning tool to wipe off in just one click. As a word of caution, since such tools analyze the system, messing up with the registry is definitely risky. You should not play around with settings because it may create problems. You would then observe hindrances while the PC is booting.

Streamline startup

Background activities which utilize resources can ultimately lead to longer boot time. So, you must drive away the ones which aren’t useful and keep the necessary ones. If you’re using Windows 10, then you can check the impact of various programs through ‘Startup Impact’. Moving ahead, the ones which you can’t do away with should be disabled completely. If you get stuck with negative consequences, you can very well revert back and enable the startup item once again.

Clean the system regularly

If you’re someone who is working on the computer all the time, then do understand that dust accumulates on the system. Apart from causing allergies, a dusty computer traps heat and can impact the performance to the greatest extent. The easiest way to clean is by using a vacuum cleaner. You should first remove the casing carefully and blow the dust gently. As everything is taken care of, you can wipe the computer screen and the exteriors with a damp cloth. Ideally, you should clean the system once every year or after eighteen months.

Clean chords & everything else

You should never forget to clean a mesh of cables that are right behind the computer. While we can’t state that a clean work area would enhance performance, but surely you won’t be worrying much most of the time. However, once the cables are cleaned properly snags and pressure on ports would be minimized. As far as the keyboard is concerned, you should turn it upside down till you’re pretty sure that dust has been driven away. Do set up a battery backup unit that’s popular in the market.

Update your knowledge repository

Finally, you should update yourself by reading technical magazines carefully. This would help you know the upcoming trends and about everything that can enhance system performance. If magazines are out of your budget, then read informative blogs and articles. You can always go online and seek websites from search engines.

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