Playstation 5’s toughest challenge : Latest news and updates new releases

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Playstation 5’s Toughest Challenge – Read Playstation latest news and updates, new releases

One question which is on everybody’s minds these days is when they will see the Playstation 5 and the Microsoft Xbox 2 aka Project Scorpio. The Playstation is the signature range of super-consoles, manufactured by Sony and released every 6 years or so. Released first in the year 1994, the Playstation was an instant classic and a console for the ages. It had all the hallmarks of being a great platform on which to play games. The PS5 will also look to set both critical and commercial users abuzz with anticipation and a sense of fulfillment when the entire drama unfolds. But before that, the release date is a rather thorny issue and we will start with that.

Playstation news updates and new releases

Read here Playstation’ latest news and updates, new releases

The original and thoroughly enjoyable Playstation was released in the month of December 1994. The Playstation was instrumental in ushering in the era of gaming but we have already said that earlier. The next generation of the console, the Playstation 2 was released in the new millennium on March 4 2000. This means that a gap of six years separated the two consoles. the PS2 was priced conservatively and was a worthy successor to the original Playstation.

The PS2, as it is commonly abbreviated as, is still around and has a very high longevity. The next generation of consoles from the house of Sony was the PS3, which was released in November of 2006, again six years later. This means that a mean average of six years is a must whenever a new generation of the Playstation is on the horizon. The next PS4 which was released in 2013 only substantiates our point of the delay.

Going by the numbers, we can predict that the new PS5 will have a 2020 launch. However, Sony will look to ring in the new console a little early. It has to stay relevant in the context of better and much-improved competition. The Microsoft Xbox 2 is said to be looking at a launch date later this year or even a 2018 release date. The Xbox 2 will be a force to reckon with and will also introduce revolutionary new design and gaming features like VR-compatibility and a high degree of modernity when it comes to design. The PS5 will also have to face competition from the likes of Nintendo, which, with its Wii, is also on the prowl to expand its customer base besides conquering the market.

The game is one in other circles as well Sony, for example, has already started to ship out its new range of Television sets which have the PS5 built into it. The new PS5 will also have to find it way in a world which is increasingly facing backlash over the effect of video games on young and vulnerable minds. The effect of such violent or fictitious games also calls into question the effect of the popular culture on such minds. A number of countries including many European ones have already placed injunction over the buying, distribution and selling of such RPG games which can be deemed to promote violence.



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