Responsive Web Design – Everything You Need to Know

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Earlier Web Design

Different devices like Laptop, Desktop, Tablet and smartphones have different screen sizes and resolutions. Earlier web design is in such a way if you have a website you need to develop different versions of the website for mobiles and tablets in different sizes and layouts. Because your website look won’t be same across all devices for example if your website has a sidebar in mobile you need to scroll to a side to see the sidebar or there are chances your website content may overlap. Some people instead of developing different versions of websites for different devices they are simply developing mobile app for their website. If you are a geek you can develop a mobile app, what if you don’t know app development? May be you need to hire an app developer spending few bucks from your pocket. But now it’s time put a full stop to all these problems with the entry of Responsive Web Design.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is the most advanced Web Designing method most of the web developers are implementing now a days. What is this Responsive Web Design? As the name says Responsive Web Design is used to create a Responsive Themes. A responsive theme is a theme that can adapt to any device of any screen size. With the invention of smartphones and tablets responsive web design has got tremendous importance. Responsive Web Design helps in creating a website that fits all devices. So no need to create different versions of website for different devices and also no need to spend money on creating an app for your website.

responsive web design

Responsive Web Design vs SEO

Responsive Web Design is also a part of Search engine optimization. If a topic is searched on google mobile if your site has responsive web design google will recommend your page. In short your website will get higher ranks in mobile search. If your website is responsive you will get additional backlinks. If your website has a backlink then your mobile friendly website will also have another backlink.

If your website is responsive you don’t need to create different flavors of your website like mobile friendly website thus you save google juice. There are mainly 3 areas where you have to concentrate as part of responsive design.

1) CSS3 Media Queries – This part identifies the device dimensions in the sense actual screen size. Identifies minimum height, width, resolution, orientation, aspect ratio etc.

2) Fluid Grid Layout – This part allows the content to shrink or expand based on the device dimensions. In short it will adjust the content to viewable are without the need to scroll.

3) Fluid Image Scaling – This is same as above adjusts the images to screen based on the dimensions without losing the clarity of the image.

There are many tools like Responsive Test are available on web to test your website Responsive Design on different devices of different resolutions like Mobile, Tablet, Desktop etc. Tech Knol looks like in below pics in Mobile and Tablet.

Tech Knol Mobile


Tech Knol Tablet

If you are not a geek at least buy a responsive theme because you spend one time on a responsive theme in a lifetime.  For WordPress bloggers there are many free themes available which are responsive. Blogger bloggers can download many responsive themes available on the web and upload to your template. Hope this post helped in understanding Responsive Web Design and Responsive Themes !!

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