Safe Updates ensures your WordPress Website up to date

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Safe Updates keep Your WordPress Website up to date

The launch of Safe Updates is good news for all WordPress users. It is an automated process that ensures complete safety of WordPress core, plugins and themes updates. The best part is that Safe Updates is absolutely free for all. It comes with premium Backup add-on.

Safe Updates perks and pricing

Ensure your WordPress website theme Updates with Safe Updates

Ensure No Worries about WordPress Updates with Safe Updates services

There are a number of amazing things users say about WordPress. The only thing that troubles them is keeping it up to date. Constant update of websites is crucial because exploits tend to point up all of the time. Together, these updates need authentication. Updates hold a tendency to break your websites in several ways. It is very time consuming to visit each website and test it manually. Also, this is not an efficient process.

However, this is not the case with Safe Updates. All you need to do is click a button and perform updates on any website you like. You can also see any errors that exist. The entire WordPress based website is checked thoroughly for any changes. You can make the decision whether you wish to accept them or roll back.

Safe Updates is an amazing new feature that really keeps you out of the hassles of your update cycles. The program was created with an aim of helping you scale updates across several dozens of websites. Safe updates are ensure regular WordPress Updates and Disaster recovery and keep your Your WordPress content safe. You can avoid the phishing attacks and unauthorized hacking, online privacy protection in the cyber security world.

Safe Updates will help you to with the following:

– Troubleshoot all issues faster
– Minimize time spent updating stuff
– Increase the success rate

Safe Updates can be done in the following ways:

Look at the dashboard when you visit an individual website. The Updates widget will be visible to you. Here, you will see an additional button “Safe Update“. Choose the plugin(s) that you want to run the Safe Update on. Now click the button. Create a restore point for your website.

Send HTTP requests to the website prior to the actual update. This will make sure everything is working efficiently on your website. This creates a before screenshots of website to help you make a comparison when the update is complete.

It is now time to run the updates. Send a HTTP request again to check your website response post the update. Take an after update screenshot of your website. The final step involves the option to go in and observe the screenshot comparison carefully. Screenshot comparison lets you drag the slider across and see any changes immediately.

Perks and Pricing

Safe Updates are certainly another way WordPress users make sure they have the best care for websites. This way, they can also keep websites of their client’s and their own websites protected in all respects.

Safe Updates ensures your WordPress website Disaster recovery and online privacy

Safe Updates work as a free of cost upgrade for all and an integral part of WordPress support services. It comes with the premium Backup add-on. In case, you do not use premium backup solution, and already using backup, set up with someone else, simply sign up for the premium backup. It starts at just $2 which is definitely worth it!

In case, your website is hosted on GoDaddy servers, this will be free. All GoDaddy hosted websites get premium Backup and Uptime Monitor free of cost!

Safe Updates do not support multi-sites. These can only be run on individual websites. The company will improve this multi-sites support feature soon.

Users can also get benefited with automated/scheduled Safe Updates. Users can easily schedule whenever they wish to perform Safe Updates.

So what do you do next time you need to update the WordPress website? Would you trust Safe Updates for management and updates? Test it and experience the power of this tool.

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