Samsung Galaxy S9 phone features spec and reviews

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Will Samsung Galaxy S9 get Unveiled in March 2018?

Samsung Galaxy Series Mobile phones

After the major failure and blasting of the battery of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the South Korean company has actually become extremely cautious. The only motto of the Samsung smartphone company before releasing any of the further devices after the fiasco was to keep the convenience of the customers in mind. Find the Samsung’s new smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9 features spec and release date etc in this article.

Recently the company has rolled out the extremely anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 and people were actually impressed with the features and also the facilities which were provided by the S8.

Samsung Galaxy phone spec and reviews

Samsung Galaxy S9 features and spec reviews price

Samsung Galaxy S9 features and spec reviews price

The Galaxy S8 actually got unveiled in March and got released few days ago. The form factor and also the outlook of the S8 grabbed every attention and people still cannot stop discussing about how the phone looks. One the other hand, another thing which impressed the buyers of the Samsung galaxy S8 was the infinity display. Actually the S8 is Samsung’s first ever Smartphone which got unveiled with the infinity display feature.

Samsung Galaxy S8 features spec and reviews

Therefore, it was extremely overwhelming for each person who were waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S8 to hit the market. Both the sides of display of Samsung galaxy S8 turned out to be curved which sported less bezel and it certainly made the design of the Smartphone jaw-dropping. It has not been several months or years for the Samsung galaxy S8 to get released, but the avid tech users, especially the fans of the South Korean company have already started mulling on what Samsung Galaxy S9 would actually look like.

Samsung Galaxy S9 features spec and reviews

It is certainly going to bear some more innovativeness with a lot of advancements which would stun use yet again by leaving all of us in awe. And as far as Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date is concerned, it has actually been pointed that the Smartphone which would be developed by the South Korean tech entity may just get unveiled in the month of March next year.

Therefore, does that highlight that even the Samsung Galaxy S9 would get unveiled in April? Well! This has chances of being a probability because even the Samsung galaxy S8 was launched around that time. However, talking about Samsung Galaxy S9 features, rumors state that the upcoming smartphone may just sport an even more curved design as the Samsung Glaxy S8 already sported an amazing curved design.

And after introducing the infinity display could the tech experts of Samsung come up with something more out of the box for the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S9?  Well! We as users can certainly expect the phone to get equipped with a redefined design.

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs S8

Could there be a virtual ready display for the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S9? We saw the Galaxy S8 sporting a 2K resolution display so can the Galaxy S9 bear a 4K resolution after its launch?

The AOD feature or the Always on Display feature was actually seen in the Galaxy Note 7 and now people predict that the same feature might just be seen in the Galaxy S9 as well. Therefore, with such rumors as well as speculations making rounds regarding the S9, the smartphone has chances of being the next game changer. Then, what is Samsung Galaxy S9 price?

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