SkyDrive vs Google Drive vs Dropbox

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You have files (images, documents, videos) on your computer which you want to access from other pc or mobile device in other location. Then you have to store your files online. Previously dropbox is the only choice for online storage. Now everything changed with the entry of Microsoft SkyDrive and Google Drive.


Dropbox offers 2-3GB of free stoarge and you will get additional storage of 500MB for every referral upto 16GB. Skydrive offers free storage of  7GB. Recently Microsoft upgraded existing users storage to 25GB. Google Drive offers 5GB free Storage.


SkyDrive offers additional storage 20 GB for about $10 per year or 50 GB for $25 per year. Dropbox Pro offers 50 GB of storage space for $99 per year where as Google Drive offers an extra 20 GB for $2.49 per month.

File Formats

SkyDrive an Dropbox both have built-in file viewers for documents, pdfs, images and videos. Google Drive supports even more formats like photoshop, Autocad etc.

Supported Platforms

Google Drive is available for windows, Mac and Android Devices. SkyDrive is available for windows, Mac, iphone, ipad and windows phone. Dropbox is available for windows, Mac, Linux, ios, blackberry and android devices.

Searching Files

File search in SkyDrive and Dropbox looks for files matching with the search keyword. Google Drive search can read text of scanned documents or images using OCR.

File History

Dropbox stores file history of 30 days. Google drive and skydrive also stores previous versions which you can edit.

Offline Access

Mobile apps for dropbox and google drive let you save any file on your mobile for offline access where as skydrive ios app won’t support offline access to the file.

Account Security

Account security is not there for SkyDrive and Dropbox where as with 2-step verification you can add an extra layer of security to your google drive.

SkyDrive vs Dropbox vs Google Drive

1. Skydrive offers plenty of storage in affordable price.
2. Google Drive has better interface and sharing options.
3. Dropbox supports more platforms than skydrive and google drive. It also have tons of apps.

Skydrive vs Google Drive vs Dropbox

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