Snapchat app Tips and Tricks, Hacks : Ways to Use Snapchat

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Continue your reading on Tech Knol latest technology updates article on trendy technology news about Best ways to use Snapchat app. In this mobile app technology article, a detailed things you can do on Snapchat app is explained. Read now the  Snapchat tricks, tips and hacks.

10 Best Snapchat Tips And Tricks You Shoud Know

Snapchat is a very popular messaging app that serval hidden tricks and hacks that you may have never heard about. Snapchat is one of the best app in the list of social media for sharing images and videos with your friends. Also, you can edit your photos and videos with the help of snapchat. Now a day’s snapchat is equally popular as WhatsApp and facebook with over millions of active users.

snapchat app tips, tricks and hacks

Ways to use Snapchat app : Learn Snapchat tips, tricks and hacks

Snapchat is not just about adding captions there are many other amazing tricks which you don’t know. This ultimate guide contains the best snapchat tricks, tips, hacks, and advanced features that you make smarter than other snapchat users. And impress your friends with your favorite snaps.

1) Use Two Filters:

You can use a filter for make photo more beautiful in snapchat. But you don’t know about how to use two filters together. For use two filters first, apply the first filter then hold your finger on your mobile screen choose another filter to apply the second filter.

2) Create Your Own Filter:

As you know snapchat not provide any color filter. But don’t worry you can create your own color filter with help of this trick. So now you can add a color filter to your snaps just follow the below steps.

• First, open snapchat app and capture a photo or video.
• Now click on “T” button for add any text.
• Select color for your new filter by tapping and holding the “Pencil” button.
• After that click on T button for make text more larger.
• Now you can enlarge the text using the pinch to zoom gesture.
• At last, adjust the text location according to your requirement.

how to change your snapchat color

How to change your snapchat color

things you can do on snapchat

How to change your snapchat color









3) If Your Friend Blocked Or Removed You:

If your friend has blocked or removed you form snapchat then you can easily find with help of this trick.

how to get a lot of friends on snapchat app

How to get a lot of friends on Snapchat

• First, open snapchat app and open profile setting by swipe down.
• Here click on my friend’s option.
• Now search for the friend who has blocked or removed you.
• Open the profile info that will show the snapchat score and username.
• If the snapchat score is visible it means your friend not blocked you. But if you do not see any snap score it means your friend blocked or removed you.

4) Save Your Mobile Data:

As you all know snapchat application consume more mobile data. Whenever you open snapchat new story will be started automatically download. For solving this issue snapchat introduce a new “Travel Mode” feature. Travel mode stops the automatically loading process of snap and saves your mobile data. By default the travel mode in snapchat is disabled. For active travel mode follows the below steps.

First, open snapchat and go to Setting >> Select Manage >> Enable Travel Mode

how to get any filter on snapchat

How to remove emojis from snapchat

After travel mode is activated you need to load content manually. So snapchat will not load snaps and stories automatically.

5) Add Music To Your Snap Video:

Most probably people have no any idea about add music to your snap. Snapchat is now allow you add music to your videos. Follow the below steps to add music to your snap videos easily.

• First play music on your smartphone which you want to add in your snap video.
• Now start recording video in your snapchat app.
• That’s it the music will be added automatically into your snap video.

6) Share Photos & Videos From Gallery As Story:

Snapchat was not allowed you to share photos and videos from your gallery as a story. But recently snapchat update allow you to upload picture on snapchat from gallery and share photos and videos stored on your phone.

First, open snapchat and open memories section by swipe the home screen. There you will see the option like Snap and Camera. For share photos and videos from your phone gallery click on camera roll option. And click on the photo which you want to share a story on snapchat. And swipe up to edit the photos or videos. That’s it your photos or video is shared as a story on snapchat.

7) Zoom While Capturing:

Snapchat allows you to zoom in or zoom out while recording videos with help of pinch to zoom gesture. But it is very difficult to use this feature with just one hand. For recording video without using second hand move your finger up to zoom in. Move finger down to zoom out. Try zooming in and out quickly several times for grab attention.

8) Style Snap With Bold, Italic And Underline:

For add a bold, italic and underline first capture a snap and click on the “T” icon to add a text to your snap. Now tap and hold on the text. And you will see three option at the top of ‘B’, ‘I’ and ‘U’. Now add bold, italic or underline style in your text according to your requirement. After complete don’t forget to click on done button.

how to remove emojis from snapchat

How to change your Snapchat color

9) Enable Front Facing Flash:

Snapchat recently introduces a front facing flash feature. For enable front facing flash open snapchat and click on manage option. There you will see a front facing flash option. This feature turns on flash when you click a snap with your front facing camera.

10) Change Back Camera To Front Camera:

Snapchat comes with a default setting of the Snapchat camera allow you to set back camera. For taking selfie snap you need to turn on front camera But this awesome snapchat trick will solve this issue. You need to just follow the below step bt step process:

The first step to open snapchat and click on the camera icon at top right corner and tap the screen twice. And it will automatically change the camera preference. Now take selfies with snapchat.

Final Words:

So this is all the best tips and tricks of snapchat that you must know. I hope you really like this unknown tricks of snapchat and you might have learned something new in this article. These snapchat tricks take your snaps to the next level.

If you have any question or suggestion regarding this article then feel free to comment us below. If you find this snapchat trick is help for you then don’t forget to share with your friends on social media. Enjoy your time with this awesome application!

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