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strategy games for android

Best Strategy Games for Android

Android games have always been a subject of controversy, but its contribution to the development of strategic games cannot be neglected. Strategic games are proven to improve the mental capacity of children and kids. Since now all of us are so dependent on our Android handsets, we can get a benefit of increasing our intellectual skills by playing strategy games on it. Apart from being a primary source of entertainment, these strategy games can improve the problem-solving skills, enhances self-control and curb social desires. Just have a look at this Best strategy games for android.

strategy games for android

Play now most popular android strategy games. Gen fun with real time strategy games

Best Strategy Games for Android

Here is the list of top rated strategy games for android. In this Tech Knol latest article, we have reviewed some of the best strategy games which you can play on your Android device:

1. Clash of Clans – Best multiplayer strategy games for android

Clash of Clans is one of the most grossing and trending android game in the strategic domain. In this game, online multiplayer compete in an Epic Clan war by a combat strategy of building your village and safeguarding it with a clan. The game entertains both real world opponents as well as artificial-intelligence characters. There are frequent battles in the game, and the player has to devise strategies to attack other villages while protecting their own.


• Freely available on Google Play Store
• In app purchases to raise an army or fortifying a village
• Intra-clan chat facility with the players worldwide

2. Bloons TD 5 – One of most popular android strategy games

Bloons TD 5 game envisions strategic building and combat strategy and is best suited for children as there are no graphic battles or soldiers involved in this game, instead, there is an army of monkeys who have to build awesome tower defense to pop armies of balloons. The players have to devise strategies to place towers to survive the attack and destroy balls. At higher stages, there are powerful challenges which make this version as the most popular tower defense strategy game.


• Available on Google Play Store for Rs 190.
• Custom co-operative 50+ tracks with about ten unique missions and 250 random ones

3. Clash Royale – One of top rated strategy games for android

Clash Royale is the another strategy game that I would recommend playing. This game became pretty famous in short span after its launch by Supercell. Clash Royale is all about Tower defense, Multiplier battles, and collecting cards from the chests and It consists of four different chests which include Giant, Gold, Magic, and Silver. In clash Royale, Different Chests awarded after every battle you win through a definite clash royale chest order. Before going into multiplier battles, Prepare your own strategy which can cause maximum damage to your enemies.


• It is available for free on PlayStore to download
• In built chat option to talk with your friends.

4. Battle for the Galaxy – Top strategy game for android

The battle for Galaxy is one of the most engaging and successful strategy games of all time. It is a tactical combat game that involves mega empires, corporations with a sinister backstory. It incorporates pilots, marines, and commanders to start a battle to compete with other firms for critical resources. You have to devise strategies to build battle cruisers, space marines, and upgradeable army to steal resources and thus rule the leader board.


• It is Available for free on PlayStore to download and Play
• Spectacular Graphics and 3D effects
• Enhance recruiting system for attack on rival corporations

5. Battle of Polytopia – Android real time strategy games

Last but certainly not the least, Battle of Polytopia, present the best-regarded mind challenges and presents strategic dilemmas to combat with rival tribes by entering their civilization. You can discover new worlds, expand your technical knowledge with a tech tree, and fight evil tribes with your smart moves. On the top of that, you can choose among different tribes and gain an amazing experience with auto-generated maps.


• Available free on Google Play Store
• Strategically challenging
• Dramatic graphics and sounds


Here are the some best strategy games that we found interesting among all the strategy games. We hope you enjoy playing these android games. Read now virtual reality news about future technology trends, latest virtual reality simulator games, virtual reality video games, virtual reality computer games apps etc. If you have any questions to ask please leave a comment here.


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