Successful Facebook Fan Page Tips

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Facebook is a social giant with over 1.2 billion users. Facebook fan page is one of the best possible ways to direct traffic to your blog or website. Over 10 million businesses are using Facebook fan page to grab the pulse of their customers. Often some fan page admins complain that their fans count is decreasing day by day. Here are few tips to run your facebook fan page successfully.

Facebook Fan Page Tips

Successful Facebook fan page tips:

1. Take care of your profile

There are few elements on your Facebook fan page which you need to take care of. Your fan page profile pic, cover pic, page description, tabs like photos and videos. All these should be chosen carefully and should be relevant to the fan page theme.

2. Post Pics

Users interact with pics 4 times more than any other content. Post some funny pics which gets  more likes and shares.  But keep in mind do not post any offensive pics.

3. Update Frequently

Don’t just create a fan page and leave it. Keep in touch with fans, post relevant updates frequently. At least post 2-3 updates per day which makes it an active Facebook fan page.

4. Pin your best updates

Each week pick the best update and use pin feature to pin it to the top.

5. Ask Questions

Ask your fans some interactive questions which leads to commenting thus increased user interaction.

6. Appreciate Your Fans

If possible plan for a giveaway or contest or feature top fans on your fan page. You can also pick fans who are most active on your fan page and feature them as fan of the week. This increases user engagement on the Facebook fan page.

7. Add Your fan page url to Updates

Add your Facebook fan page url to each update description so that when user shares your update there are chances of getting new likes to your fan page.

8. Respond to Your Fans

Responding to user comments and questions is a great way to boost your affinity. So spend sometime to respond to your Facebook fans’ queries.

9. Call-to-Actions

Use call to actions like “like and share this post” and “comment your opinion”. call-to-action gets more shares, likes and comments to your post thus it reaches wider range of people which in turn gets new fans for your Facebook fan page.

10. Facebook Apps

Create event specific apps like some companies create small games and they offer gifts to the winners. Apps increase user engagement and also get more fans for your Facebook fan page.


Facebook is one of the best ways to get referral traffic and your content reaches to more global audiences. So create a Facebook fan page for your business and follow our steps to get succeed on Facebook.

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  1. how’s effective is to use facebook sponsored methods to promote your page..or ots just a waste of money?

    1. Promoting your page helps you a lot. Post pics in facebook page with your blog post page url in description. Then your facebook fans visit your blog. If they found your blog content nice definitely they will subscribe to your posts 🙂

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