How to Be an Authentic Blogger

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Authentic Blogger

It is hard to establish a blog when you are competing with millions of bloggers. When you create a blog to make money online, you drop yourself into the biggest race on earth. Everyone here in the blogosphere with only one main goal – money, money and more money and of course you too. But still, there are lots of … Read More

5 Blog Commenting Tips for Traffic and Networking

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Blog Commenting Tips

You have to be consistent commentator on popular blogs to build up network with them. Commenting will help you to get backlinks for your blog and get the traffic for your content. You have to comment on blogs having niche same as your niche. You should make a list of popular blogs of your niche and track their news feed … Read More

How to Redirect Blogger Blog to

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For selective censorship Google redirects your Blogger blog to country specific domains. For example some countries won’t allow particular type of content. In that case Google simply blocks those pages in those particular countries and makes them available for other parts of the world. If your blog is it will be redirected to In Australia it will be redirected to etc. If your website is … Read More

How to Publish a New Blogger Blog Post

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As part of Blogging series in my previous post I explained how to start a Blogger blog. Once you start a Blogger blog you need to start publishing content. Now I will explain how to publish a new Blogger blog post including On-Page SEO for Blogger. There are many aspects you have to take care to get a good rank … Read More

How to Start a Blogger Blog

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In my previous post I explained various advantages of blogging and now I will  explain how to start a Blogger blog. There are many websites providing blogging services Eg: Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr etc. Among all Blogspot is a famous and simple blogging platform. Without any technical skill you can start publishing content on a Blogger blog. First I launched Tech Knol on … Read More

10 Blogging Benefits – Why Everyone Should Blog

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Earlier when I was a school kid one of my fellow neighbour friends used to study in an English medium school. They used to maintain a dairy to note their homework and activities. My dad used to write a diary writing his memorable incidents in the day and he also used to write what he should do in the next … Read More

How to Backup or Restore Blogger Blog Template

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In our previous post we explained how to import or export Blogger blog posts or pages. Now we will explain how to backup or restore Blogger template. As a blogger we keep on customizing the Blogger template to give a better look to our blog. Sometimes we may mess with the template code which corrupts our blog look. In such … Read More