The Best Way to Get Free Backlinks

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Page rank is what webmasters always consider. Page rank and search results are directly related. If page rank is good then that particular page gets top priority in search results. Page rank depends on different criteria like keywords, quality of content, spam, recentness, domain, backlinks etc.

Now we are going to learn about backlinks. Backlinks are nothing but incoming links to your blog from other blog or website. For example you liked this post and if you mention about this post in your blog post by giving a link to this post then it is called backlink. It’s like giving reference. If more blogs or websites recommended your blog or blog post then  better the page rank will be.

Now we understood what Backlink is. Getting good number of backlinks is a long process. Your blog or website should get good recognition and others should recommend your blog or website in their post.  So is there any other way to get backlinks? yes.

The Best Way to Get Free Backlinks

There are many ways to get backlinks, of them the best way is submitting your blog or website to online directories. Directories bring blogs or websites under one roof. When you submit your blog or website then it will act as a free backlink to your blog or website. Some directories crawl your blog or website frequently and gives many free backlinks to your blog or website. For example below pic shows the number backlinks to my blog.

free backlinks

List of Directories

dmoz : It’s an open directory project. Submitted blog or website will be reviewed by an editor. Once submitted that particular blog or website will be submitted to google, yahoo, bing, ask & AOL search engine. Submitting a blog is tricky as there are many categories and sub-categories choosing the right category is a big task.

indiblogger It is an Indian blogger directory. Submitting blogs, discussing forums, organizing events etc. Following are few directories like indiblogger.

Some other blog directories:  technorati  blog adda Bloggiri writeupcafe

**Caution: There are many blog directories available online, some directories asks for a reciprocal link(mutual link) for submitting a blog or website. Do not submit for such directories because search engines won’t consider reciprocal links as a valid backLinks.

The other way is trough social profiles like facebook, twitter and pinterest. Whenever you create a social profile you can give your blog url either in Bio/About section or in website field.  If you have habit of uploading videos to YouTube you can also leave a url of your post in the video description which is also treated as a backlink. For example I gave my blog url in my facebook profile “About you” section as in below pic.

facebook profile about you section

Hope this article helped in understanding backlinks concept. Thank You.

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