Things to Consider Before Buying New Mobile Phone

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Phone buying tips

Tips to buy your new mobile phone – Learn how to do mobile phone shopping

Do you want to buy a new smartphone this year? If your answer is yes, then you should read this article before doing a mobile phone shopping. This article will guide you with some important things to keep in mind while purchasing a brand new phone.

Phone buying tips

Tips for mobile phone shopping

As a tech blogger, I have reviewed hundreds of mobile phones. I reviewed phones like Nokia, Samsung and iPhone and other mobile phones from famous brands. Each smartphone has unique features over others and it receives the reviews basis on its features and specs. I often sell my phone and purchase the new one to write reviews for it and believe me, it can be stressful if you go to the market and buy a new smartphone especially the rising prices of the mobile phone these days.

According to my experience, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy a new phone, all you have to do is to keep in mind the things that will help you buy a good and perfect smartphone for yourself.

Mobile phone shopping Guide and Checklist

We all know buying new phones are always pretty confusing. So it’s better that you feel confident while doing the purchase.

As I mentioned above, I am a tech blogger and reviewer so whenever any of my family member or friend looking to get a new smartphone, they always contact me as I am their first choice ALWAYS.

“I am going to buy a new phone, which one should I get”? This is the most asked question my circle always ask me. And as a mobile tech reviewer and most importantly a caring friend I always suggest them the right phone with the best specs and features to date. And I seriously don’t mind this. After working for many years, I know all the pros and cons of all the major mobiles. So I decided to write this helpful guide for all my readers.

The guide is specially written for all those who have plans to get new smartphones but do not have any idea about how to find a perfect phone for themselves.

After reading this mobile phone shopping article, I am hopeful that you will have a clearer view of the mobile phones and how to find the best phone for yourself.

But before going further, I suggest all my friends and readers that if you are going to buy a new phone and don’t need the old phone, then make a habit of mobile recycling as it has a lot of perks that I will discuss in some other article in coming days.

Moving ahead, here some points that you should remember while buying a new mobile phone in 2018.

Choose between Android or iPhone – Mobile phone shopping

If you use a smartphone these days, it is either iPhone or some kind of Android phone. iOS and Google cover more than 90% of mobile phone’s operating systems and this is a huge number.

If you are using iOS for many years then you can stick to the iPhone for the next mobile phone purchase but if you use both the platforms, as I do, then you can flipflop between these two operating systems. Both platforms are their own specialities. Both have pros and cons in their respective departments. So make a choice between the two that suits your demands and needs.

Price Factor – Mobile phone shopping

Now, this is the big point to remember. And one question arises here that do you really want to spend hundreds of pounds on a new mobile phone? You should ask yourself this thing as most smartphone these days are built with spectacular specs that many of us actually seldom know. You can save hundreds by choosing a cheaper or older model having the same specs as the new one. So before doing a brand new purchase do keep in mind the price factor. It is not necessary to buy costly iPhones all the time.

Display – Mobile phone shopping

If you have a habit of staring the phone for hours and a freak web surfer then you have to look for a mobile phone with best display features. So when you are in the market to buy new phone make sure it has enough brightness and sharpness to make your eyes feel comfortable. If your new phone has a large screen then it should not be under a resolution of 1920 x 1080p and if you have a good budget to spend then look for a mobile phone with a Quad HD resolutions. And if you are movies lover, consider the right screen size for your smartphone too.

Battery Power – Mobile phone shopping

One of biggest complaints I receive from my fellows is that their smartphones remain dead all the time. It means their phone’s batteries have not long life. A good smartphone should have at least 1 day battery time. So if you are getting hands-on new mobile phone consider it if it has fast charging and long battery time.

You can read reviews or talk to the people who already own that particular smartphone which you are interested to buy. In 2018, most mobile phones are coming up special chargers that charge the smartphone in just minutes. If you are using iPhone then you can buy iPad charger to get more juice.

The Storage – Mobile phone shopping

Plenty of folks buy smartphones whether new or old by keeping all the above things in mind but usually, they forget another key factor that can help them buy a good smartphone. So I suggest all my friends to have a 64GB of storage mobile phone. And if you download movies and songs daily then consider to have more than 64GB of storage. Now a days, pictures and apps take a lot of storage space in a mobile phone so it’s better to choose a smartphone with high storage space.

Camera Quality – Mobile phone shopping

If you love to photograph and like taking selfies then make sure to buy a smartphone with an excellent camera. Flagships phones like Samsung Galaxy S9 and Apple iPhone X are capable of clicking brilliant pictures and that too in low lights. Most budget phones do not have good cameras, so if the camera is important for you then consider to spend a little more and buy flagship phones.

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