Top 10 Reasons to Get Computer Insurance

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Get your Computer Insurance now and Protect your System

The vast majority of industries today rely on computer systems to carry out their day to day operations. A breakdown, corruption of data, or a cyber-attack is all capable of resulting in costly repairs for that respective company.

Despite the risks involved in having and using our computer systems, most businesses fail to take the necessary precautions to cover themselves in the event that some bad does actually happen. In this post, I have created a fact sheet which outlines ten of the best reasons why you should have computer insurance:

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1. All Industries Today Rely On Computers

As I previously stated, corruption of data or a cyber-attack can all adversely affect your company’s ability to do what it does. Computer insurance is here to protect your software programs and equipment, which will make the recovery process much quicker and more realisable.

2. Technology Is Always Evolving

One important aspect of computers and technology in general, is the fact that it’s always changing and improving. Thus, when your old equipment stops working or breaks, you will need an allowance which you will use to acquire modern replacements. With computer insurance, you get that cover, which will allow you to acquire better performing models of equipment you already own; just like your smartphone package deals.

3. Rodents Can Damage Your Equipment

If you have a property policy in place, then you should check whether or not it covers rats or other vermin chewing on power and network cable lines. Computer insurance on the other hand, is not limited by such risks.

4. Many Business Are Dependant on Their Property Policy

Although property policies are good, something all companies should and must have, the downside to them is that they typically only cover perils such as theft, floods, and fires. So system breakdowns, corruption of data and cyber-attacks, typically will not be covered under your contents insurance.

5. Contents Insurance May Cover Hardware Damage Only

When you have computer insurance, it will typically provide protection for both software and hardware damage. This is very important, as computer systems are made up of both hardware and software, and you may not be able to fully recover your system if you only have hardware coverage.

6. Maintenance Agreements Can Be Limited

Again, although maintenance agreements are necessary, for all businesses, the downside to them is that they may not, and typically do not cover all consequences of damage. So additional expenditure required getting your business back up and running again may not be covered by the agreement.

7. Property Policy May Not Cover Power Supply Failure

Any sort of issue with your power supply may not be covered by the contents insurance of your property policy. Power Supply failure is a real issue, which fortunately is covered under any basic computer insurance plan.

8. Accidents Can Lead To Catastrophic Circumstances

Someone could accidently spill a glass of water onto an electrical component, effectively shorting it in the process. This is a circumstance that can and does happen quite often. Having computer insurance in place should help you rest easy, knowing that such issues and incidences are covered under such policies.

9. Corruption of Company Data Due To Computer Hackers

The rise in computer users has risen hand in hand with the number of cyber-attacks. Recreating corrupted data can be very experience, when it all is said and done. However, if you have computer insurance, it will cover the whole data recovery process, in the event that, that’s something you need.

10. The Other Costs to Consider

There are a wide range of other costs that you have to consider when running a business. These include, overtime pay for safe, rental of premises and equipment, etc. All of these things can add up and cost quite a penny. Thus, when you have computer insurance, it usually covers all and any additional expenditure, including the many things previously outlined.

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