Top 10 SEO Tools to Improve your Ranking

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Top 10 SEO tools for ranking

Top 10 SEO Tools to Improve your Ranking in 2019

All the people who indulge themselves in creating web pages for any given purpose hope that their pages do well on the internet. After all, they are trying to make a place amongst billion other websites!

Likewise, in a sea of websites, people find it very hard to fish the most appropriate one. Something from the owner’s end should help the users to find their website like the one! SEO comes to save you from all this dead-weight which might drown your website in this sea.

Top 10 SEO tools for ranking

Search Engine Optimization:

Whenever a website is born, the basic structure which goes behind them is roughly the same for all. However, each of them is disparate based on their online visibility in a search engine’s unpaid results.

This ensures that the traffic landing on your website is actually interested in your content and not because Google (or any other search engine) told them to do so!

It determines the quantity and quality of surfers to your website, depending upon where does your page stand in the search outcomes. To have a good search engine optimization done for a brand is a top priority while creating an inbound marketing plan by brand marketers.

If you break down the O from SEO, you will realize that ‘optimization’ is required in all fields. Similarly, even a website requires some dolling-up, in order to enable the search engine to comprehend its content and the viewers to appreciate ending up on this one site, leaving the others.

Here is a list of 10 simple and free SEO tools which can help improve your website’s rank.

Go on and try out some recent website optimization hacks at 0 cost. All of them provide you with a demo startup session to teach you how it works.

1) Seobility

The features offered by Seobility are comparable to some paid SEO tools available online. Thus, it has a real edge over some other free tools because it offers certain amazing services for free. These services include highlighting of issues like blocked pages, sitemap issues, etc.

Here you can keep a track of your keywords, technical and metadata checks, duplicate content, etc. All the information is provided in the form of a content report which gives you a statistical overview.

It also lets you monitor your ranking, in terms of keywords and URL searches. You can monitor the same for a time period as per your convenience- a week, a month or over a year.

So get over this tool for free and plunge head first into your website.

2) Ahrefs SEO

For those who are unaware of Ahrefs, they are a relatively new member of the link research tool space. They incorporate their own bots and systems to maintain a huge index of live backlinks.

They claim to provide fresh link research data every 30 minutes.

The services offered by them include- SERPs analysis, website overview, link analysis ( new links, backlinks, lost links ), etc.

Daily analysis as depicted by Ahrefs.


It provides a toolbar which helps you visualize the amount of traffic ( by volume ) which lands upon your webpage, number of keyword searches that lead people to your website, the number of plain clicks, cost per click, backlinks, etc.

3) Browseo

You must be knowing that there is a difference in how your website appears to you and how it does to a search engine. It would, therefore, seem fascinating to know how your site appears to them and what makes them show your page in their search results.

Browseo provides you an opportunity to view your website as seen by the search engine.

It also allows to see the SERP view of your website- a view of how it will appear in the search results.

4) Keyworddit– The Reddit Keyword Research Tool

This handy SEO tool is an initiative by Reddit which lets you find very frequent and concise keywords catering to your requirement.

Once you put in your word in the box and press on “get keywords”, it extracts the keywords from the subreddits with a huge number of comments. These keywords are better than those from lesser active sources.

Usage: Keyworddit provides keywords with respect to competition. Initially, you will be given low competition keywords which can be targeted directly. Then you can further use some more keyword searches and obtain a relatively larger list to choose from. The main idea is to create accurate personas for the audience.

5) Copyscape

It is an online portal to check for plagiarism in content. The free version allows you to enter the URL in the search box and Copyscape will surf other webpages and let you know if copies of your content exist elsewhere on the internet.

Stealing your content is as simple as a click, Copysentry feature of Copyscape lets you know a new copy of your content has recently come up.

Moreover, it also provides the best plagiarism detention solutions. The premium version further offers detailed services on these grounds.

6) Beam Us Up

Beam us up is an SEO crawler. Filtering and sorting out the data on your website is a very tiresome and time-consuming process. To find the number of missing texts or short descriptions, Beam us up has built-in crawl tools which makes it much easier to do the same.

Other hijacks:

It makes exporting/importing data from the drive and excel very economical in terms of duration. One single tool lets you export your data directly into Excel or Spreadsheets.

It easily identifies duplicates so you can conveniently find a solution.
It provides unlimited crawls for free.


Hunter is an e-mail address locator. You can use the tool to find and verify emails of people as well as business domains. Business domains have a specified icon which ensures that you have found out the correct e-mail address.

To find personal e-mail addresses, you require their name and domain.

Installation of Chrome Extension for the same makes the task smoother.

For finding personal e-mail domains.

For finding business domains.

8) Responsive Design Checker

Responsiveness has become a transcendent factor in search engine rankings because responsive web design accounts for:

  • An improved SEO result
  • Lower maintenance
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Faster mobile development
  • More mobile traffic

Evidently, your website will require a responsive design and Responsive Design Checker comes to your rescue. It enables you to see how the website looks on specific devices at different resolution settings.

This tool wireframes your website based on user experience and brings out a basic design concept. After getting the basics, it plans a website layout by scaling various elements and screen sizes. Then the fonts and images are studied in order to ensure a quality user experience.

Responsiveness of your website needs to checked regularly and not just once. This tool helps you keep a routine check-up of your website quarterly.

9) Mobile Friendly Test

As time and technology are changing, people are not only using desktops/laptops to carry out work but also using their smartphones for the same. Therefore it becomes important to ensure that your website appears as good as it is, even on a mobile phone.

Moreover, a website which is mobile friendly can easily increase a person’s average time on the site. Accessing the site on mobile is much easier while commuting. All these optimizations also improve your stake in the competition amongst other sites.

This tool helps you view your website as it appears on a phone. Once you put in the URL and hit the button, it tells you that your website is mobile friendly or not. Then it provides suggestions to further optimize it for better user experience on a mobile phone.

Your website deserves a makeover too hence, it also suggests you optimize the font sizes or tap targets appropriately.

10) Lipperhey

If you are having a hard time finding out discrepancies in your website, Lipperhey is the perfect helping hand. It helps you to study your website in terms of technology, popularity, and optimization. After analyzing, it will suggest to you how you can revamp your site for a better ranking.

It also helps you to track your keyword competitors. It not only changes your rank, but also shows how is the rank being changed by applying a particular change.


Content optimization: It tells you about the technologies you are already using and the ones which are yet to be used. You do not need to wonder about where you are lacking.

Benchmark: Lipperhey not only maintains your record but also keeps track of your competitors. You are always a step ahead.

Epitomizing The Utility Of SEO Tools

Most of the search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo has a website ranking system according to which the search results show different websites. Application of SEO tools provides an edge to your websites to appear at a better position in those results.

Especially when we speak about the Indian market, SEO services in India are growing with an exponential rate not just limiting themselves to SEO but all the other services of digital marketing combined.

Additionally, SEO tools not only create a better market for the website owner but also improves the user experience. The easier it is for the user to get the desired information, the more he/she will land on your page. They will also spend a comparatively long time going through your page.

Thus, from both the owner and user’s end optimization of your website using SEO tools seems inevitable.

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