Top 5 IOT Security Challenges

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Top 5 IOT Security Challenges in the Modern Era

Everything you wanted to know about TOP 5 IOT SECURITY ISSUES. The year 2017 saw many unprecedented attacks of data security breaches not limited to one geographical area of the world but from the east to the west and from the north to the east. Attacks were mounted on even well-secured institutions from banks to defense establishments and even email platforms.

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None were spared and the cybercriminals were good at their job because it all dawned on those responsible to avert it, only after they had done their deed and vaporized into thin air. Most of them left no trace at all and going after them for the law enforcement agencies was like finding a needle in a haystack, though even that would have been easier.

Records were pilfered, identities were stolen and more than all even cash was transferred out and when it did come to light it was too late with little trace left behind by the criminals. The quantum of cyber breaches in the United States in 2005 could be called modest at just 157 million hacks which ballooned to 781 million when the end of 2015 was waved off.

The quantum of exposed records was just 67 million which jumped to 169 million during the same ten year period. The years 2016, and 2017 have seen an increase with 2019 expected to record gigantic hacks for which we need to take optimum safeguards and not be caught with our pants down.

There are concerted efforts planned and put in place to ensure that 2019 which is just around the corner would be the year the cybercriminals would meet their Waterloo but whether it is a pipe dream we would know only when the year would end.

The Information Security Forum (ISF) which is an independent information security global watchdog which has been following the trends and advising the stakeholders how to deal with threats have brought out a blueprint as to how to tackle the issue by putting in place some watertight security measures to arrest the trends prior to it happening.

They have comprehensively detailed the five most vulnerable security challenges that everyone would have to contend with in the years ahead.

#1. Protecting data

It may be strange but what we thought was secure has turned against us, it is the iot security issues or we could also call it the Internet of Things security issues that are helping all these security breaches.

When we started using devices from our smartphone to our laptop and all other gadgets connecting ourselves to the World Wide Web or Internet we have opened ourselves to danger.

The iot security problems are not limited to only one device or one part of our lives it, in fact, envelops us completely because we are completely overwhelmed by the internet connection that we have and use.

All information about our life which means data are on the Internet and it could be stolen by anyone who would have the criminal knowledge to do so. If we don’t protect ourselves we could be standing stark naked with no data in our hand to cove ourselves.

#2. Update and keep calm

There is a plethora of updates and apps that come onto our devices regularly and we receive new ones which we may ignore sometimes, one way to keep anyone interested in our lives away from us would be to always update new apps and keep those prying into our lives always guessing what we are up to.

When we do this the entire iot security problem that we fear of could be kept intact and those outside at bay. Constant updates could be breached but when the frequency is a continuous process anyone trying to breach your devices would have a time tracking you.

Constant activity is what is advised so that it makes life difficult for the hacker to track you IoT and corner you.

#3. Supply Chain hacks

The proliferation of e-commerce has opened up a host of opportunities for the criminals and they have been active on this platform for obvious reasons. These supply chains are vulnerable and all those who would use it too are liable to get affected.

It is the use of devices to engage with these e-commerce sites that would create iot security issues for all those who would maintain accounts and through that other information which could make them vulnerable.

#4. Protect your devices

It is imperative that all the security issues would crop up because of the use of devices connecting to the Internet they need to be always secured. Changing passwords constantly and ensuring you keep them secure at all times would be the best way to go.

It is your device that would bring you in touch with everything around you and hence securing that is very important. That is where you would be most vulnerable, and to put it in context those not using a device connected to the Internet would be less vulnerable.

Our devices which connect to the Internet put us through to our family, our home, our workplace and everything else hence being sure of what we are doing is very important if we are not to have any iot security issue.

#5. Protection of systems

Every possible system which is installed into our IoT or devices are vulnerable and we need to keep them well secured and ensure that the information in them don’t fall into the wrong hands. We could encounter iot security fixes and fall prey only if we don’t be careful of the systems that we use and what are in place.

If we are extra careful of the fact that every system is vulnerable to prying eyes we would be better safeguarded. It is when we are complacent that danger would strike us. We have to be always on our guard and any iot issues that we would face should be nipped in the bud as soon as possible.

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