Top 5 Mobile Apps myths – Ignore these Myths about Mobile Apps

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Read now Popular Mobile Apps Myths listed here along with possible best explanation.

Mobile apps are quite in trend these days. There are different kinds of apps and all are equally famous among people for different reasons. Some people think that these apps provide solution to different problems but that is not the case in reality. Top 5 Mobile App myths about mobile apps are described in this article.

popular Mobile Apps myths

Read below Mobile Apps myths – Do you know what are popular mobile applications myths

1. Mobile apps are quite cheap

Mobile apps are not cheap at all. Developers demand heavy amount for developing apps. The story doesn’t end here, these apps need to be updated on regular basis and it also is an expensive job. The high profile developers are demanded everywhere and that is the reason they are quite expensive to afford to get their services.

2. Mobile apps downloads will benefit the employer

Every company is taking expensive services of developers in the hope that these apps are going to benefit the employer. This is not a reality, only some apps get user attention and these apps are usually developed for already established companies. Marketing is a best strategy to attract users rather than just developing apps. It would be proved as a futile exercise if customers don’t download the app. So, it again depends on policies of the company to attract customers.

3. Company’s success is dependent on mobile app

This myth is also prevailing among the business sector. Entrepreneurs hold the belief that mobile apps are going to increase their clientele which ultimately increase the company’s image in gaining profits in the market. Mobile apps have nothing to do with the company’s success. It is not necessary that all people are tech-savvy and they are going to download the app for the said company. Some people are not at all interested in downloading apps.  It’s a matter of luck if certain companies’ apps get downloads.

4. One app is operated on all the operating system

An app needs to be developed in different modes for different mobile operating system. IOS requires different app and android needs different app. The languages and codes are changed for each operating system and it requires a lot of effort and money. These apps have other hidden costs involved. Google Play and App Store demand high amount from companies to get their app launched there. These charges have to pay from time to time as a fee.

5. Apps with best graphics are successful

This is a wrong belief that best graphics can play a role in making the app successful. Not all users are equally attracted to graphics. So this myth about mobile app is also debunked. Although graphics attract people but there are other things too which customers notice in the mobile app, the most important thing is the features of the app which should be representation of the company.

These are some of the popular mobile apps myths. Developing mobile apps demand a lot of money. They need costly marketing to reach out the potential customers. They need to be upgraded regularly which is not free of cost. Mobile apps are not equally beneficial to all companies.

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