Top 8 technological trends – Latest Trends in Techno World

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Top 8 technological trends are discussed here Read this technological trends article now!

Technology evolves by the minute and before you starts using one version of an app, next is already available in the market. Latest technology always brings better facilities and enhanced features than the previous versions and people always welcome such innovations. 2017 has brought similar enhancements and more. In this article, we are going to discuss top 8 technological trends of 2017 in detail.

latest technological trends

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Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency will continue growing well into 2017. More and more people will start using this latest payment method. This new currency can be stored in banks and digital wallets just like any other currency and can be used through your mobiles or any device you are using for making your online payments.


Ai is going to move ahead with latest new innovations like Chatbots, which are going to interact with the users and provide different information to consumers especially. This trend that started in 2016 is going to be furthered in 2017 and thanks to AI, will be made mainstream technology. It is all set to take over the customer care services and businesses are the principal beneficiaries of this innovation.


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Social media is playing a pivotal role in advertisements of businesses for quite some times. The trend has furthered with the lovable social media celebrities now endorsing different brands. This trend is on the rise and will experience more popularity in 2017. These media personalities give credibility to the brands they are endorsing and that trust trickles down to consumers as well.


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Starting as a craze with game like Pokémon Go, virtual reality is going to take on 2017 with further development and will branch out in different domains. With the introduction of VR headsets, Augmented Reality is all set to go mainstream in 2017.


Internet of Things or IoTs is going to become more common in households and businesses. Interconnection of different devices and gadgets will experience surge. Smart Homes and Smart Cars will become a more common phenomenon in 2017.


With the introduction of Big Data especially, cybercrimes were always making news in 2016. This of course, will be an issue in 2017 as well. The growth of cyber security start-ups is quite obvious trend of 2017. With new devices being integrated with Internet, especially in case of IoTs, the vulnerability of cyber-attacks is going to increase with it. The counter measures will be trending in 2017 with more security measures being taken in this regard.


Introduction and wide use of smart phones have reduced the use of other devices like PCs, Laptops and Tablets for searching and using Internet. This trend had already started in full swing in 2016 and is expected to increase in 2017.


Drones have been used already in 2016 by a convenience store. This trend is going to take its flight in 2017 as online companies like Amazon and retail store like Wal-Mart are all ready to make their drone deliveries. This is going to revolutionize the delivery system across globe.

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