Twitter Lessons on Mobile Marketing – Experts also Shocked

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How Twitter Can Teach You about Mobile marketing?

Here is a worthy article on How Twitter teach you about Mobile marketing tips. Continue your reading this most interesting mobile marketing guide with Twitter lessons.

Twitter marketing lessons - - mobile marketing guide

Twitter marketing lessons –  Where my thinking ends as Twitter marketing expert

Twitter – King of Micro Blogging

Twitter is the most important social engine which is used by most of the users around the globe. This top micro blogging site is safe and sound from which we can promote our product easily. As people now-a-days use more social media other than any other platform so therefore it is considered to be a business platform. There are many strategies from which you can promote the product. Working on twitter is smooth and easy.

Marketing on Twitter

A business oriented person can act on the following way to increase the sales by downloading the twitter app on his android phone. For twitter all you need is a smartphone and no use of heavy computers and laptops. No electricity wastage. Marketing on twitter social media site is very simple and time saving. So do you have your android phone? And if you do not have then what are you waiting for? Any android phone can be purchased online from mobile accessories in Pakistan. So hurry up and get your smartphone first and start your new business.


Tweets are actually the sort of status which you update on other social apps. Like wise to update or talk about something on twitter is known as tweet. On this world top micro blogging site there are words restrictions like you can only update whatever you like up to 130 words. Hence daily tweet about your product write some good and catchy description up to 130 words. If the word limit ends then again tweet something related to that. Tweet at least daily or once a day to make your account active. Available latest Internet technology and mobile app technology is increasing the wider reach of target audiences and online customers with effective digital marketing practices


On twitter followers are the people who subscribe your channel for daily updates. You can attract more and more followers and allow them to follow your account. In this way people will develop interest towards your product and they will receive daily updates in form of tweets. After that request them to re tweet your tweets so that their followers could also have updates about your product. And in this the chain continues and the growth 0of business can be seen clearly.


Trending on twitter is considered a great success for your product. If your product goes viral on best micro blogging site and is re tweeted by most of users then this process is known as trending. But now the question that arises in mind of every person is that how we can do this trending? The answer to this question is very simple that use has to use hash tags (#) before tweeting. Always use hash tags in your tweet and after that if the users re tweet they should also put a sign of hash tag before re tweeting. In this the product goes viral and becomes trending.


In any business the foremost important thing is communication. To make your business successful every businessman should interact with the users. So whenever someone comments on your tweet always reply them on comments in order to proceed a good conversation. In this way the queries of all the people will be solved and if they inbox you on twitter also reply them. If you will be responsive then the subscribers 0f your account will get increase. And this is a good sign of growing business.

Now-a-days people mostly use top social media sites to market their products and it is considered as an influential marketing tool.

Twitter is in the form of Mobile App which is present in android as well as ios smartphones. Android phones are easy to buy as they are easy to understand. They are easily available with wide range of attractive mobile covers online in Pakistan.

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