Uber Clone App – Alternate to Popular Taxi Apps

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Things that any Startup should look out for while building an Uber Clone App

Uber Clone App – Why it is a Best Alternate to Popular Taxi Apps

Uber Clone App - best taxi app

Learn how to build Uber Clone App – a popular taxi app

Uber clone app are now becoming a sort of a part of our daily lives, almost like a necessity without which we would be totally lost. I mean it literally. That is why every Tom, Dick and Harry is looking to dabble in the on-demand taxi business, and rightfully so because as people become familiar with the ways of this app, they prefer to use it to hail their rides rather than drive in heavy traffic or get a taxi that does not even turn up in the first place. That is not the only reason these Toms and Harries are investing in such apps – yes there is a small part that is doing its bit for customer service, but the main reason is quick, easy and big bucks.

Uber Clone App is a best Taxi app in your Mobile phone

However if you are a serious contender for this app, then you need to ensure that along with the huge profits you will definitely make, you also need to ensure that your app gives your clients what they are looking for so that they will remain loyal to you for life and also recommend your services to their near and dear ones. There is no advertisement that beats word of mouth. Therefore while building your taxi app, you should make sure that you not only incorporate the best and smart features but you also ensure that your app performances efficiently, is secure and gives the best user experience. With these criteria in mind, you then talk to your development partner.

The Uber clone app technology that will rock your taxi app like no other

• Payment Integration

The main selling point of taxi apps is the feature of in-app payments, thus doing away bills, lack of change, overcharges and exact fare requirements. In fact, a rider can get his fare estimate even before he books the ride so that he can make an informed decision on whether he wants to take the ride or not or even take a ride that is within his budget.

To get your competitors sweating you can introduce the concept of dynamic pricing e.g.discounts.

In order to offer in-app payments, you need to choose an integrated payment gateway like Paypal. Other payment options include Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

• Don’t invite failure by having a bad design

When you are looking at taxi apps you want an app that is bigger and better than Uber. If your app has a bad design you are inviting failure for your business. When you design a taxi app you should ensure that your app should not be a replica of Uber. All you need is a simple, intuitive and smooth app that works efficiently to make your mark in the taxi world.

• Geo-Tagging

Maps play an integral part of any taxi app. Taxi app relies heavily on features like geo-location and mapping to identify the location of the passenger and rider. The driver also gets driving information from these features, including direction and the best possible route.

When you build your taxi app you should ensure that it has these features for a better user experience, which in turn will add to the success of your business.

• A user-friendly registration and login page

When you build your app, ensure that you have the best backend. Things like user profiles, user registration and login rely on a powerful backend. The taxi app should also have privacy features such that the app only has access to essential user data.

A rating system also goes a long way in making your business successful. Not only does it leverage the app’s security, it also helps to boost customer satisfaction.  You can allow your users to freely rate and give feedback about the driver and his service.

• Push Notifications

It is necessary for drivers and passengers to exchange information such as the location of the pickup point, the estimated time of the driver’s arrival, details of any delays etc. However, to develop this sort of communication system takes a long time and therefore a simple push notification system that notifies the riders on the estimated time of their driver’s arrival and other similar details is necessary.

Now that you are for armed, it is time to approach a developer who will bring your uber clone app to life with all the features you want and help you start up your taxi business.

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