Vote For India Campaigns via Social Mobile Apps

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Some Quick Stats About Social Media

Technology is rapidly changing. Internet has spread across the globe and social media vanished the boundaries between countries. People are using social media to connect with friends and family members across the world. Businesses are growing faster by directly connecting to customers via social media. Social media has also become a knowledge sharing hub. Below are some quick stats about social media giants.

Social Media Stats 2013

Some Quick Stats about Voter Turnout in India

Average Indian voting percentage is 58% of which 23% were literate. So it is clearly evident that the percentage of literate people voting should be increased. The politics in India is changing like never before. Politicians and parties are using social media as platform to attract youth. They are hiring private agencies to run social media campaigns to get more followers. Recent Delhi elections is a good example how social media can drive youth towards voting, a record 66% of voters cast their ballot in the assembly elections. Below pic compares the voter turnout in 2008 and 2013 assembly elections .

Assembly Elections 2013 Voter Turnout

Some Quick Stats about Smartphone Usage in India

Smartphone users in India are growing every year. Especially youngsters are very much interested in buying new smartphones. With millions of smartphones being sold in India 2013 is a smartphone year. Keeping this in mind mobile app development companies came forward with some unique apps to attract the youth of India. Of all social media apps were huge hit. People love to chat and share over the phone via social media mobile apps.

Smartphone Usage in India

Vote For India Campaigns via Social Mobile Apps

Already many NGOs and political parties like BJP and AAP are conducting vote for India campaigns to bring awareness among people to realize the importance of vote. As 2014 general elections are approaching very fast as an individual I will use social mobile apps to motivate my friends to vote in general elections 2014. Following are my check list.

1. I’ll set my status update in apps like WeChat as Vote For Better India.

Vote For Better India
2. Occasionally I will broadcast images and videos in WeChat to motivate my friends to vote in 2014 general elections. In the below pic I am broadcasting an image of “How Indian Parliamentary Elections Works” to my friends.

WeChat Message Broadcasting
3. Using Vine app I’ll share micro videos telling how crucial is your vote. In below micro video I’m pledging “Vote For India”


4. Already Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal  are occasionally connecting to people via hangouts. As an individual I will Hangout with my friends in a video chat to discuss the current politics.
5. If I found any interesting news in paper or hoarding on the roadside I’ll take a snap of it and share it via Facebook and Twitter mobile apps.


Finally I would like to share this wonderful inofgraphic by Milan Vaishnav and Reedy Swanson on “How India’s Parliamentary Elections Works”

How India's Parliamentary Elections Work


60% of the Indian population is youth but most of the youngsters are hesitating to vote after seeing corrupt politics. But if we don’t vote we don’t have right to question the corrupt politicians. As today’s youth are connected to digital world especially to the Smartphones, it is easy to motivate them using social mobile apps.

I Pledge to Vote For A Better India

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