Ways To Use UX Recruiting Agencies To Your Benefit

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UX Recruiting Agencies

There are several people who get hold of great jobs through recruiting agencies but not all may be as lucky as them. There are quite a large number of job seekers who have had a very bad experience with such talent agencies. This is simply due to the reason that they do not know how these UX recruiting agencies work and how best they can use them to their benefit.

Here are a few things that you should know to avoid the pitfalls of such recruiting process. To start with you must properly understand how these recruiting agencies work.

Most companies of today, small and large typically rely on different recruiting agencies to hire fresh and new talents. This is because:

1 Organizing such a process is tedious
2 It is full of complications and
3 It takes a lot of time, effort and money.

Ideally, businesses think that there are several other things that are more important for them to concentrate on rather than hiring the right set of people. Moreover, most companies do not have such resources required to find such talents.

The recruitment agencies act as their middlemen dong several jobs on their behalf to find just the right kind of people according to the nature of business. Their jobs include:

1 Sorting through thousands of resumes
2 Selecting the best talents to bring on board
3 Screening the candidate as well as their background and in turn

Charge a specific percentage of the first year’s salary of the talent if at all hired by the company they work on behalf of.

However, there are multiple ways in which these recruitment agencies can charge a company for their service. Irrespective of that, to most of the companies this sounds much like a fair deal considering the fact that they simply have to make a promise and expect to get the best person screened by the most competent UX recruitment agency.

There is another thing that you should know in this regard. It is secret that is not so well-kept that most of these recruiting agencies more often than not have specific quotas to reach.

1 For example, a company may ask a specific agency with whom they are tied up with to bring at least three leads to them.

2 In this case, they will essentially have to bring in two others on the interview table even if the company finds that only one person is adequately qualified for the UX job.

This is just a business policy wherein the UX recruitment agency is made to feel the pressure to provide additional leads than what is required so that the business does not get any weird job requests that may seem to be a really odd fit for the particular business.

Finding the right fit

In order to make sure that you find the right set of people, just as the companies need to avoid the multiple set of peculiar job application requests, it is also required for the candidate to know how it will helps them to sell better.

1 This involves much more than getting the resume and the job portfolio right. It is also required to select the right job sites and to start applying for the UX jobs.

2 Expectation is another key factor to consider as it will be highly unwise to expect a response to the very first, if not the only application made.

3 Sometimes you may get a fast response but in most of the times one can be left wondering and hoping a call from the other end.

Just like you are surprised when you get a LinkedIn request from a person you do not know, the recruiters may also get amazed at a request with the caption ‘Recruitment’ or an ‘Application’ in the titles.

Moreover, working with the recruitment agencies may not always be an intuitive experience which is why you must know about the best practices to get the best results, as a recruiter or as an applicant.

1 First, you will need to manage and control your expectations. This is because no staffing agency will guarantee you of getting a new talent or a job. In fact, to avoid unexpected surprises and heartbreaks, you should treat these agencies just as another potential source for talent hunt or for new jobs.

2 Second, expect to pay a commission on the services provided by these agencies which can be typically high depending on the type of skills required or job and company applied for. Though it is good to know that somebody is out there sifting through different opportunities for you, they will not do it for free and in fact they will be more interested in getting their commission.

3 Thirdly, in most of the times it is seen that the jobs and talents that comes through these staffing agencies may or may not be publicly listed already. Add to that it is also seen that most recruiters are usually very keen to ask whether the applicant has already applied for a job in any other company.

4 Hiring companies usually pay the staffing agencies for providing them new leads only and not for any leads that are already existing in the database of job applicants of the company.

5 In order to protect yourself as a recruiter or as an applicant, make sure that you do not apply for a job through them for which you have already applied or advertised on your own before.

6 Make sure that you are unique as that helps a lot in this process. You may prepare yourself for an interview by asking for an opportunity to practice interviewing skills with the recruiting agency. This will help you to be prepared and answer uniquely to the questions that you are sure to run into during your real job interview.


To sum up, whether you are applying for a job or hiring a new talent, think out of the box answers so that it adds to the value proposition, help you to establish an identity and make you feel you are the best suited recruiter or a candidate, as the case may be.

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