What is an Affiliate Program or Marketing?

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These days creating your own website is pretty easy. Even though you don’t have any web designing or html skills you can easily create a website. Go to google sites or AOL or Geo sites select any one of  built in templates and create your own website. These sites also provide some storage and domain url within 1 or 2 hours your site wiil be online.

What next if you own a website?

If you own a content rich website you can make money from your traffic. There are many ways to make money from your website like adsense or affiliation program/affiliate marketing etc.

What is an affiliate program or affiliate marketing?

An affiliate program or affiliate marketing is a performance based program which rewards an affiliate (website owner) for each customer brought through it’s effort. It helps website owner make money online.

affiliate program or affiliate marketing

 How an affiliate get paid?

The merchant (retailer or brand) places an ad on affiliate’s website. When user clicks on that ad and buys any product from the merchant’s website  then affiliate gets paid a portion of the purchase. Pay differs from provider to provider and product to product. There are different ways of earning through affiliation program or affiliate marketing. Some of them are –

Revenue Sharing
PPS (Pay Per Sale)
CPA (Cost Per Action)
CPC (Cost Per Click)
CPM (Cost Per Mile)
CPI (Cost Per Impression)

Few sites which provides affiliation programs
Amazon Associates
Godaddy Affiliate Program 
Google Affiliate Network

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