What is google adsense?

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google adsense

In past companies used to advertise their products through print media and electronic media. Now a days scope of internet has increased tremendously that’s why companies moved to web based advertising by placing ads in websites and blogs. Those who want advertise through google advertisement system should enroll with Adwords.

What is adsense ?

Adsense is a program run by google that allows publishers or website owners to generate revenue online. Ad may be text or image or video. These adverts are maintained by google. Google takes care about the type of ads that should be placed on the website.

Many websites use adsense to monetize their content particularly small websites which don’t have any resources to develop advertising programs and sales people to generate revenue. Google displays ads that are content specific. Google places html code of adsense on websites. Websites that are content rich are very successful with adsense.

Types of Adsense

1. Feeds
If your website has RSS or Atom feeds that have more than 100 active subscribers. Google places ads in appropriate article in the form of image.  When user clicks on the image he/she will be redirected to that particular website.

2. Search
Google Places a custom search button on the website. When users search in the search box. 51% of revenue generated from the search is shared to website owner.

3. Mobile
If you have mobile site you can monetize through adsense for mobile instead of java scripts google uses PHP or ASP for mobile adsense.

4. Domains
Adsense for domains helps website owners to monetize their domain names that haven’t developed yet. They are unused or dormant domains.

5. Video
Adsense for video helps publishers to monetize their videos by placing ads between the videos. When user clicks on the ads publisher will get paid.

The publishers or website owners get paid in different ways.
1. CPC (cost per click)
When user clicks on ads on website then website owner will get paid. How much the publisher get paid depends on how much google gets from that ad through adwords campaign.

2. CPM (Cost Per Mile)
The website owner will get paid if particular ad gets 1000 views.

Next question is when can you withdraw your earnings?
Website owner can withdraw his/her earnings after reaching a threshold limit which depends on reporting currency and tax implications.

google adsense thresholds

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