WordPress Permalinks SEO

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A permalink is nothing but URL to individual blog posts or categories or tags. As the name suggests permalink means permanent link to particular post. As a blogger we have the option of choosing our own custom url permalink. Blogger and WordPress are providing option of choosing custom url or permalinks. To know how to use permalinks in blogger blog post read this post.

Permalinks vs SEO

As a blogger you want to drive traffic from search engines. Search Engines also consider permalink or custom url as one of the factors for page/post rank. Well how? When user enters a query search engines also look for posts with keywords in the url. For example if you search for difference between blogger and wordpress in google following result will appear if you closely observe the url of the post, search keywords are in the url of the post which are highlighted as bold letters by google. Thus permalink also acted as one of the ranking factor.

Wordpress Permalinks SEO

WordPress Permalinks SEO

WordPress has Permalinks option, on your wordpress dashboard under Settings click on Permalinks option. As shown in below pic there are many options available for Permalinks. I read many articles to find the best url structure that drives more traffic. The default url in wordpress is Day and name http://www.yourblog.com/2013/06/25/sample-post/ According to many web forums the best url structure is website url followed by post name http://www.yourblog.com/sample-post/ in that case choose post name option. Most of the blogggers divide posts into different categories then select Custom Structure then enter /%category%/%postname%/ as shown in below pic and save changes.

Wordpress Permalinks

If this post helped you in optimizing your wordpress post url or permalinks please leave us a comment.

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