WordPress Security Tips

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WordPress Security Tips

Every blogger want’s their blog to be popular on the web. With the  growing popularity number of hackers targeting your blog also gets increased. But have you taken security measures to deal with such attacks? Probably the answer would be no. WordPress has many security plugins which will harden your WordPress blog and secures it from hacker attacks. In this post we will discuss some basic to advanced level WordPress security tips which will make you feel relaxed about your WordPress blog security.

WordPress Security Tips

Strong Password – Set strong log in password to your WordPress blog which you don’t use anywhere on internet. Ask your blog authors and editors to do the same.

Computer Vulnerabilities – Install Antivirus and Anti-spamware on your PC or Notebook and update your browsers frequently. Thus get protected from internet spam attacks.

Stay Up to Date – Update your WordPress blog, themes and plugins frequently.  Because updates comes with some bug and security fixes compared to previous releases.

Backup – Take backup of WordPress blog regularly, at least once in a month. In case anything goes wrong with your blog you can restore it from your backup. There are many backup plugins available in WordPress. If your WordPress blog is self hosted then check with backup/restore options your hosting company providing.

 Admin – The default log in username for self-hosted WordPress blogs is admin. It is easily guessable by everyone who are familiar with WordPress platform. We strongly recommend to change this admin username. From your WordPress Dashboard go to Users ->Add New as shown in below pic1 and create a new admin account with the username of your choice. Assign role to admin as shown in below pic2.

WordPress Users


WordPress User Role



Now login to your newly created account, go to All Users  account and delete your old admin account then it will ask you to assign your old posts to newly created admin account as shown in below pic.

WordPress delete user

Secure WordPress Files – Securing wp-admin, wp-includes, wp-config.php and htaccess file should be our primary goal. We recommend using Better WP Security plugin for securing your WordPress blog. It is trusted by over Million WordPress users.

Hope this post helped you in improving your WordPress Security.

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