Biggest Tech Companies – World’s Top 5 Tech Companies

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What are top 5 tech companies in the world?

Not so long ago, the companies that governed the world were oil and car companies but lately, there has been a  shift in who will hold the future crown as the leading industry. Turns out, it is going to be tech industry. As far back as the 1970s, people knew that tech industries were the future. That realization is now becoming clear as day. Find here top technology company names list now.

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top 5 Tech Companies - technology company names list

5 Biggest Tech Companies that will Shape the Future

In this article headlined with Biggest Tech Companies, we have covered list of tech companies in the information technology companies (sector). Let’s find out what are major tech companies:

1. Amazon

Ecommerce has been gradually on the rise. Long gone are the days when you have to visit the store for everything. Now you have these big online stores such as Amazon to meet almost all your needs. As per the estimates of 2016, the revenues generated by Amazon are $136bn and the company has witnessed the growth of up to 27% in the same year.

So with these stats, market experts predict that come 2023, Amazon will capture every inch of the market. Today we still go to brick and mortar establishments to make purchases but by being everywhere we mean that there will remain no concept of traditional shopping for clothes, groceries, etc.

Amazon is going to grow four times its current size if it continues with the growth rate of 27%. As of late, it has successfully diversified its portfolio of items by packing entertainment, data applications, and fresh food among other things in its long line up of offerings. However, this rise has not come without some major setbacks.

Their launch in India failed. They could not penetrate the Indian market the way they had elsewhere. In addition the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos was asked by investors to direct his efforts towards AWS which hindered the growth of and its revenues at one point in time.

2. Google/Alphabet

No one is strange to the name ‘Google’ and Google in its true essence an advertising firm but what an advertising firm it is! The digital ad spend is gaining momentum and is increasing with every passing day (currently standing at 38%). Of the said spend, Google will be its greatest beneficiary.

The parent company of Google (that’s a first, I know) Alphabet is still hell bent on finding the Next Big Thing but no luck so far. There has been driverless cars, connected homes among other things but none has been able to outshine the tech available in the market so far. However, in the AI department, only Google has been standing strong.

The Google/Alphabet has generated close to $90.3bn as per the statistics of 2016 and the company is growing at a rate of 20.4%. The down side of Google is that it collects personal information on its users. If the regulatory bodies were to ever launch a crackdown on Google it will be a clash to witness!

3.  Facebook

It is a relatively younger company than the two above. The growth rate for Facebook is over 50%, 54.4% to be exact. Facebook is a serious competitor to Google. Why do we say this? It is because the digital spend, especially in mobile ads is very similar of the two giants.

Secondly, Facebook has a community of 2bn users and it is actively seeking to monetize this huge number and that of its data which is not the only venture Facebook has its eyes set on. Virtual Reality (VR) is also one such domain where the company is seeking to register its imprint.

By capitalizing in the VR domain, Facebook will seal the entertainment market with it or will perhaps launch an alternative ecommerce platform. You can take help from dissertation assistance in this regard. Seeing the revenues it has garnered and as of 2016, it stood at $27.6bn. The bit where all of it can backfire is Snapchat.

Yup, you read that correct! Snapchat is becoming more attractive and addicting at the same time for our young generation. Plus, fake news and live feature being used to broadcast murders may invoke the wrath of regulatory bodies.

4. Alibaba

The widely popular Chinese giant of ecommerce is all set to rise to a staggering $2.4tn come 2020. It will be four times greater than that of America’s ecommerce landscape. It will render brick and mortar establishments as obsolete.

We have all read and listened to the inspiring story of its founder Jack Ma. He has a habit of diversifying such as AliPay, AliHealth, Alibaba Pictures and AliHealth. Also, with time Alibaba has expanded rigorously such as with stakes in Lazada and India’s Snapdeal.

The revenues accumulated by Alibaba as per 2016 amount to $15.7bn and the growth rate was to found to be as 32.8%. The risks Alibaba entails is that it may be nationalized by the Chinese government or the economic downturn may lead Alibaba to come crashing down.

5. Apple

The leader in the smartphone industry for those who don’t mind paying the premium for a phone. The market for iPhone is huge and has matured over the years but its other products such as the smart watch are not at par with the name iPhone has made for itself.

With revenues of over $215bn but a stunted growth of -7.3%, Apple is reported to have started working on its automotive product. The reveal is not yet clear but whatever it will be, it is going to be some major tech. could it be that they are hoping to buy Tesla?

The automotive project may be a risky investment for Apple because the industry is saturated. There is nothing new that can be brought to the table which is not already out there. So sweeping the automotive industry would even be impossible for Tesla, let alone Apple.

From a growth perspective, acquisition of a business might help Apple score but that would be on a tactical level. In short pointless. After all, it is Apple we are talking about.

In conclusion – top 5 richest tech companies in the world

Above are some of the leading tech companies that will be shaping future. What do you think? Did we miss out on any? Let us know in the comments section below.

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